Sunday, 4 July 2010

Sunday Ramblings

First of all when is this weather going to end? I’m fed up with it now. Yes it’s nice to be able to enjoy the sun and not wrap up like an eskimo to go 50 yards down the road but after two weeks of it I’ve had enough.  The garden is practically inaccessible from the hours of 10am until 6pm despite having the gazebo stretched across the middle!

Despite that, I’ve been practising with the new camera, trying out the modules from Cheryl Johnson’s latest class (Not going Green).  Not brilliantly but a whole lot better than I could do last week!

IMG_0274 IMG_0272 IMG_0270

And just because she’s my little cutie…


I’ve also rediscovered my flickr account…can’t remember setting it up but it’s there!

Flickr Photostream

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