Thursday, 28 February 2013

Crochet Goodness

I finally finished a project that is meant for me! Hurrah!

When I read through the whole of Lucy's Attic 24 blog I was blown away by it and literally had to stop myself from sitting up and reading the whole thing at once. One of her projects jumped out at me as perfect for sitting on my new chair (which is still awaiting a new cushion cover).

So, using the yarn I've already got which is probably not what I would have chosen immediately but the colour go together well enough, I settled down to make my a start on my own attempt. Now there was much cursing and frogging (my own fault not the pattern!) before I got the hang of it and finally I made it. Following a search for a round cushion I managed to find one online which turned out to be flat on one side but no matter, here is the finished article.

It isn't perfect, not by a long way but I'm very proud of it. The back isn't my best work (I need to work on my colour changing!)

You can find the pattern for Lucy's Blooming flower cushion here.

I've also crocheted this dolphin for my friend who is a teacher and her class name is Dolphins. I hope she will like it when I can give it to her. I found the pattern here.

You can see my new duvet cover in the picture, it was a £2 bargain in the Wilkinson sale. Not the highest quality but perfectly good enough for me (and the cat!) You can also see it here with another Wilkinson's of their Christmas gift range, I think it was called Little Birds, it was £1 and full of hand care stuff, in the clearance bin because of a tiny dent. I snapped it up!! Perfect for my ribbon collection (well half of it.)

It is entirely possible I have too much ribbon and this is only the Christmas selection! Is iit possible to have too much ribbon???

One last thing, today my Dad retired so it's a new era in the household. To celebrate I baked a coffee and walnut cake, a favourite in this house, only let down by the lack of chocolate to melt over the top! It's yummy though!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

So I figured that as I've gotten back into crafting, albeit sewing and crochet rather than cardmaking and scrapbooking I should resurrect my long neglected blog!

Anyone following before would know that I do become addicted to pretty crafting things very easily, the forgotten promarkers, nestabilites, papers etc which are stashed in cupboards and wardrobes are testament to that. Well I have a feeling that fabric and yarn are just, if not more so, as addictive!

It all started during the recent snow when I couldn't get out (artificial joints, balance issues and snow and ice do not mix!) and I saw the sewing machine that was on offer in Lidl. Well to cut a long story short, we opted for a Toyota from Argos instead and the rest is history. Here's a little taster of what's been made so far!

Excuse the poor light in the photos, but I took them after dark this evening and energy saving bulbs do not aid good photography!
Obviously my favourite is the sock monkey! He needs a name (all suggestions gratefully received!) but I also love how the bag turned out considering it's from an unwanted duvet cover and jeans. The crochet hook roll takes us onto my other addiction!
I have attempted crochet once before (stretchy christmas stockings) but since finding Lucy's Attic 24 Blog I have fallen in love all over again. The first project was a blanket for my Nan, using some old part acrylic/part wool cygnet aran which said Nan passed to me, along with a new ball of cream luckily found in Sue Ryder. Now I didn't block this, I didn't join as you go and I didn't learn how to edge without ripply edges until yesterday so it isn't perfect...but here it is.
Then, using my limited supply (remember the snow?) of Stylecraft Special DK yarn I set about making my own version of the "Lucy bag". It's not that strong but it will do for yarn ;) I have some aran to make another for shopping!
The next project to use up said unmatching Stylecraft is a Blooming flower cushion, again from Attic 24, to go on my "new" chair. I wanted a tub chair for my bedroom but they were just too big for the space I had (not to mention expensive) so after a charity shop hunt we came across this. All it needs is a throw, another cushion and some little cushions and it'll be perfect.

More soon!