Friday, 30 October 2009

Do You Ever Feel…

That no matter how many photos you have, there's just not anything to scrap? I’ve got oodles of photos sitting on my hard drive as well as loads more that have been scanned in from my family history research and I just can’t find anything to scrap for me. I’ve been great at starting projects for other people and getting them finished but when it comes to layouts for myself nothing happens.

I’ve registered for the Wicked Cybercrop on UKScrappers in November but have no idea what I’m doing lol or whether I’ll actually complete any of the classes.

I’m just having such a meh day today.

The only high point was finally getting my Mum’s new computer (with Vista, despite the PCWorld’s saleman’s best efforts to get us to have Windows 7) and getting it set up AND having the internet work without having to faff with the BT setup CDs!! Result.

Now if only my scrapping inspiration was that easy to get going!!

Just because I like the pretty pictures, here’s one of my older layouts.


Thursday, 29 October 2009

Christmas Projects

I’ve finally managed to get round to taking photos of my Christmas projects for this year. Thanks to the Open University course being over pretty early I have made a good start already (which may come in handy with the uncertainty of the postal strikes!) so hopefully won’t spend December in a tizzy because nothing is finished.

For the last few years I have made little calendars for friends and try to come up with a different idea every year. The one time I didn’t send them one, I got complaints! This year I have made little file folders for them


The colour scheme is a bit brighter than usual for me but I had the set of papers and card to match so just went with it. I’ve also made a little handbag/desk calendar for my Mum using bazzill and Basic Grey papers.


My biggest project of the year has been to complete the wall hanger which was part of the Cosmo Cricket TSV on QVC for my friend who sadly lost her cat a couple of months ago. I hope she will like what I’ve done as a reminder of her girl.

DSCF1402  DSCF1403

Other than that the trip to Capture The Magic was very fruitful as I managed to get my hands on the WRMK magnetic circle cutter which I’ve been hunting for everywhere! I already had the mat and other bits from another QVC TSV so just needed the cutter. Let’s hope Santa remembers where he’s put it!!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Trying Something New

I’m just trying out Windows Live Writer, after seeing a post about it on the forum for the new Blogging for Scrapbooker’s class that I’m taking. Seems to be pretty good so far!

As another test I’m going to post one of my scrapbook layouts from a few months ago, to test if I can insert photos as easily as I can on LiveJournal!!  Although it did take me months to work out how to do that in the first place!


How about that!! 

Off to Capture The Magic tomorrow so I better search down the side of the sofa for any spare pennies! I may need them!

Monday, 26 October 2009

OMG I love...

crafters companion Rock a Blocks.

I've always hated stamping with blocks or wooden stamps because having arthritis means I can't put much pressure on the stamps to make them clear but having tried the rock-a-blocks I'm now in love with stamping.

I guess it's just a good excuse to buy more stamps!!


Finally I have a template that I'm happy with!!! It's only taken 3 hours. It's not my first choice but the ones I really wanted either didn't work properly or didn't have all the elements I wanted. Grrrrr!!

Off to bed now, it's very very late.....or early!!