Friday, 30 October 2009

Do You Ever Feel…

That no matter how many photos you have, there's just not anything to scrap? I’ve got oodles of photos sitting on my hard drive as well as loads more that have been scanned in from my family history research and I just can’t find anything to scrap for me. I’ve been great at starting projects for other people and getting them finished but when it comes to layouts for myself nothing happens.

I’ve registered for the Wicked Cybercrop on UKScrappers in November but have no idea what I’m doing lol or whether I’ll actually complete any of the classes.

I’m just having such a meh day today.

The only high point was finally getting my Mum’s new computer (with Vista, despite the PCWorld’s saleman’s best efforts to get us to have Windows 7) and getting it set up AND having the internet work without having to faff with the BT setup CDs!! Result.

Now if only my scrapping inspiration was that easy to get going!!

Just because I like the pretty pictures, here’s one of my older layouts.


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Heather said...

Hello from Shim's class *waves*