Thursday, 29 July 2010

Photography Thursday – Week 3

I was, in honour of it being speedway world cup week (my other passion) going to post some of my speedway photos but to be honest once you’ve seen one photo of a speedway track you’ve seen them all!

So instead, as I’ve been renaming all of my photos and organizing them properly I have decided to post a few of my favourites!


Dooley decided that she could play trivial pursuit as well as anyone else in the family one Christmas (to be honest she’s probably right!)


My baby’s first picture!


The Millennium Stadium in Cardiff is a fantastic place to go. I’ve only been for speedway but I would love to be there for a Welsh rugby match and hear Land of My Fathers sung by 70,000 welsh voices.


This statue is in Lowestoft. I was in my phase of ‘must photograph everything, it may go on a scrapbook page’ and I just snapped it. It came out really well considering the rubbishy zoom on my old camera!


This was taken this past weekend at our local park. We visited because of a local fun day for Help the Heroes and ended up exploring the park a bit more.

Finally, even though I said I wouldn’t post one…here’s a speedway photo ;)


More interesting than a boring old track, yes?

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