Saturday, 10 July 2010

Mastering Photoshop Elements

I have  always hated Photoshop Elements. I’ve never been able to master it but as part of today’s prompt from Shimelle, I’ve had another go, because it was just too hot to do anything more energetic!

Here’s my first attempt at using one of the titles provided onto a photo. I managed to add text too which I’ve never been able to do before now!


Unfortunately when I printed the orange and pink clashed. I’d tried to co-ordinate with the colours from my phone and headphones but it didn’t work. So tonight I had another play and changed the text colour as well.


Much happier with the second version and plan to scrap it tomorrow providing it’s a bit cooler!!


Gemma* said...

Cute :)

Samm said...

This looks fab, love the photo.


JO SOWERBY said...

love both pictures. i really liked the orange/pink colourway as it emulated the colours of your 3 objects, but also like the darker heart in the second
Jo xxx

Claireliz said...

Wow, they both look great :)

Abi said...

Both pics look great! If you are struggling with Photoshop, Cheryl Johnson a scrapbooker is running an online course on photography and how to use photoshop. You could check that out! Abi

scrappyjacky said...

Love what you've done...must admit I really struggle with Photoshop.

Debsg said...

Aww sweet.