Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Look What I Learnt Today…!

As part of Shimelle’s latest class I have discovered how to make photo collages…yes it’s taken me this long! I’ve had Picasa for well over a year now and only just figured it out! So after posting today’s assignments as single photos on the class forum while on the laptop (which apparently won’t open Picasa because it just feels like it) I have since made the collages of all the photos I took today for the class.

Assignment 1: Different lighting effects


The three things I usually have to hand in different locations and light around the house! As you can see not all of them worked that well.

Assignment 2: Floral photos


A bunch of home grown freesias was the subject. I moved it around the living room trying to get lots of different angles. My favourite shots so far are the pink bloom and the single stem on the windowsill.

I also discovered this evening that by downloading the bundled software with my Dad’s camera it has a remote shooting panel included so I can set up the camera and take pictures via my PC. Have no idea what practical use that may have (if anyone knows do share!) but it was fun to play!

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Rachel said...

Your flower shots are lovely.