Wednesday, 4 November 2009

My Favourite Things…

…in this room…

So inspiration left me a little today combined with other stuff going on so I’m opting for the little bit more time option for the prompt.

I spend much of my time in this room, either watching TV, crafting, using the PC or playing on the Nintendo Wii, so there are a few things I have in here which are favourites of mine. However, I’ve never really looked at the room in much detail. I figure I know where everything is and I can find it when I need it, (yeah right!).

So my list for today is of my favourite things in this room right now.

My crocs. I don’t have a pic of the shoes but the label from my last new pair sits on my desk waiting to be scrapped somehow. I love how crocs just slide on my feet. I have very funny shaped feet and crocs just make life so much more comfortable for me.


My USB sticks. I have all my photos, family history paperwork and all my other files backed up, just in case! My music sits on my mp3 player on the same shelf should anything happen to my PC.
3. DSCF1440 This is the last actual real life CD I bought. Usually I download but when Daniel Boys released this album it wasn’t available for download. It’s very easy listening so I can have it on in the background and came in very handy during my studying.

4. DSCF1437 My phone. Nobody should be without theirs should they? It’s not very exciting but it’s there, waiting for texts to come through from non-internet friends or for catching quick photos of the cat when my camera just isn’t to hand!

My new storage for inks, eyelets and pens. Ok so I like the labels more than the storage!
The Nintendo Wii. I love it. I was never enamoured with the playstation 2 that my Dad bought but I love the Wii.

So that’s my list. I may continue the lists every so often as they come to mind so that they are documented for the future. Hopefully I can do a layout for the prompt at some point too.

Thanks to everyone who has commented on my blog so far :) I have to apologise because I am behind with my comments to other people. One of my intentions was to comment more to other people, the only trouble is I can only type for so long before my shoulders begin to ache and I just have to stop, which means very little time for commenting. So to the people I’m reading, I am loving reading what you’re making of the prompts and all your layouts are fantastic, even if I don’t get to say it on your blogs themselves!


Jay said...

Fabulous list. I love my crocs too - next to my slippers, of course. :-)
I love your pretty blog.

Kim said...

I love my Beljewelled Blitz!!

RobinDiane said...

Crocs are my favorites too! We love the Wii at our house too.