Friday, 13 November 2009

It’s Only November 13th

And I’ve just wrapped my first Christmas present. Admittedly it’s the cat’s christmas present but still this is the earliest I’ve started wrapping!

I think I’ve been infected by all the early Christmas adverts on TV!

Another thing is, why when you’ve ordered things you really want do they not turn up (via Royal Mail) but the things you don’t want like free magazines from the Pet Insurance company do?

*grumbles* because I really want my pretty Cosmo Cricket stuff!!


scrappyjacky said...

I haven't wrapped any of mine yet....but admittedly have bought or made most of them now.I'm waiting and waiting for my Magnolia Winter Kit....and all that arrives is bills and know that feeling well!!!

vix24 said...

Funnily enough after Dad went to the post office to enquire if anything was at the sorting office, and was told no, two hours later they miraculously arrived courtesy of a royal mail worker in a tie (which is very unusual)...hmm, I'm not a cynic but it's a bit convenient.
Hope your kit arrives soon!!

Rosemary said...

We have most of ours but nothing is wrapped yet. I will have to wrap DDs next week as she will be visiting and is one of those that 'finds' presents.

Funny about the parcels, I have some of those!

Rosemary, Shimelle's class

Anonymous said...

We have the big presents taken care of, but none of the little stuff yet! Love your green background. (Stopping by from Shimelle's class...)

Brittany said...

I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet. I usually start the first week of Dec. get it all done and then wrap them a week later.