Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Wow, two weeks in a row. Not bad. Of course I only started doing this last week so it's probably not that spectacular! Hopefully this week I will be able to get round to few other people's desks!
My workspace has moved today. When I want to watch TV and craft the table moves with me into the living room.

I'm working on a layout about our gardening experiences. Aside from the garden book I'm doing, I am doing the odd 12x12 layout for the special things like our first strawberry.

To get over my lack of strawberry embellishments I downloaded some clipart and printed them before covering them in glossy accents. When they dry I'll mount them onto a punched circle to make the embellishment. Something else on the desk are my hobbycraft bargain MM ribbons. I can't resist the bargain bins anywhere!

Thanks for the comments about my bank account troubles, all sorted now, so I shall indulge in some dies as soon as I decide which ones!
Out of interest does anyone know whether I can use the Tim Holtz on the edge dies in my cuttlebug? Do I need special plates or anything? Don't want to buy them and find out I can't use them!


joey said...

Hiya Vix

Fabulous craft table it looks busy, Love the idea of glossy the strawberries


Lisa said...

Fab strawberries, look good enough to eat. I've been rooting through Hobbycraft's bargain bins too!!

Tracey said...

Where's the cream, those strawbs look good enough to eat, fab.

Dawn said...

Mmm Strawberries and fabby for cards or SB and just in time for Wimbeldon!

Love Dawn xx

Helen said...

So busy, here today. Great idea for the strawberries.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Now as you've got strawberries I'd assume you're watching Wimbledon, or are you watching the footy? Yay we won at last! Not that I watched it, I did hear people round about cheer when they did though ;-)
Anne xx

Julia Dunnit said...

I have two sorts of TH dies that I use in my Cuttlebug, both by Sizzix, one really quite thin (ABB) and one monster thick (the birdcage - just BB)- they work perfectly. Love the strawberry images - am struggling tobelieve that you don't resort to a pile on the lounge floor......!

vix24 said...

Ah, I would resort to the pile but I'd never pick them back up again lol.
I was watching the footy this afternoon but this morning was a mix of stuff lol.
The home grown strawberries are delicious! Going to complete the layout so will post when it's done

minnie_mac said...

Love the portable table, and the strawberries look very tasty !


Sunshine Girl said...

love the way you can move your table in front of the telly - i have a table that I take to my crop but its 6'x3' so basically takes up all of my lounge space if I craft in front of the telly! thanks for sharing.

Heather x said...

Your livingroom looks very tidy! Mine always looks like a bomb as gone off, my little girls toys have migrated all over the bungalow :0)
Those strawberries look great, we grow our own too, they have a better taste than shop bought :0)
*hugs* Heather x

Anonymous said...

Love the strawberries and the yummy paper. I also absolutely cannot resist a bargain either! Have a great weekend.


Spyder said...

I had a job to get in to be noisey earlier, then forgot then came back, got in this time by going in through someone else's blog! And so thought...I bet I missed you out last week , and I did, there's no me here!! Love those strawberries we have some but the black birds eat them! I keep my Quickie glue pen and my white gel pen together too and don't you just love a bargain, and it really nice ribbon too!