Thursday, 21 February 2013

So I figured that as I've gotten back into crafting, albeit sewing and crochet rather than cardmaking and scrapbooking I should resurrect my long neglected blog!

Anyone following before would know that I do become addicted to pretty crafting things very easily, the forgotten promarkers, nestabilites, papers etc which are stashed in cupboards and wardrobes are testament to that. Well I have a feeling that fabric and yarn are just, if not more so, as addictive!

It all started during the recent snow when I couldn't get out (artificial joints, balance issues and snow and ice do not mix!) and I saw the sewing machine that was on offer in Lidl. Well to cut a long story short, we opted for a Toyota from Argos instead and the rest is history. Here's a little taster of what's been made so far!

Excuse the poor light in the photos, but I took them after dark this evening and energy saving bulbs do not aid good photography!
Obviously my favourite is the sock monkey! He needs a name (all suggestions gratefully received!) but I also love how the bag turned out considering it's from an unwanted duvet cover and jeans. The crochet hook roll takes us onto my other addiction!
I have attempted crochet once before (stretchy christmas stockings) but since finding Lucy's Attic 24 Blog I have fallen in love all over again. The first project was a blanket for my Nan, using some old part acrylic/part wool cygnet aran which said Nan passed to me, along with a new ball of cream luckily found in Sue Ryder. Now I didn't block this, I didn't join as you go and I didn't learn how to edge without ripply edges until yesterday so it isn't perfect...but here it is.
Then, using my limited supply (remember the snow?) of Stylecraft Special DK yarn I set about making my own version of the "Lucy bag". It's not that strong but it will do for yarn ;) I have some aran to make another for shopping!
The next project to use up said unmatching Stylecraft is a Blooming flower cushion, again from Attic 24, to go on my "new" chair. I wanted a tub chair for my bedroom but they were just too big for the space I had (not to mention expensive) so after a charity shop hunt we came across this. All it needs is a throw, another cushion and some little cushions and it'll be perfect.

More soon!


Highland Monkey's said...

You have been busy, it's nice to re-visit crafts and fall in love again with them. Love your sock monkey!

vix24 said...

Thank you! Hope to post more makes soon!